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 TOMLINSON & CO. LTD. MANOR FLINT GLASS WORKS, STAIRFOOT, BARNSLEY, YORKS. T.A., “Silica, Phone, Barnsley”. T.N., Barnsley 3305. Established 1891. Two ten-pot furnaces: coal. Bottles, medical and pharmaceutical, toilet and cosmetics. Directors: G. T. Tomlinson (Managing); Mrs. E. Tomlinson; H. Tomlinson; J. E. Scott. Secretary: B. J. Wilkins

Tomlinson memory.
I started work at Tomlinsons Glass works in 1956/ 1957 in the fitting shop. I was an apprentice at Barnsley F C , Mr Tomlinson was a director at the football club and I was seconded to the works to learn a trade if your football career did not materialise as was in my case.I trained and qualified as a fitter /turner.The factory had two coal fired ten pot furnaces. All glass was hand gathered and all the glass products were hand pressed or schiller produced. Tiesen furnaces Ltd supplied  and built the furnaces and associated brickwork and new pots. A range of glass products were produced, the ones I remember were Goya perfume bottles and laboratory glassware but not heat resistant glass. My foreman was Joe Cuthbert who later went to work at Beatson Clark Glass Co also at Stairfoot.We only had two lathes and a milling machine in the fitting shop . I remember one of my work colleagues Barry Barber being killed in a road traffic accident. I left the company in the late 1950s to work at the nearby Wood Brothers Glass Company, Tomlinsons closing down shortly after.     



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Tomlinson Glass Works

Tomlinson Glass Works

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